Shengyi Technology Introduces New High Performance, Low Loss Material Targeted Towards RF/Microwave Applications

New Aerowave™ laminate ideal for products requiring a stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor across a wide range of frequencies and temperatures

San Jose, California, September 26, 2016—Shengyi Technology (SYTECH) a world leader in developing and delivering new laminate materials that meet today’s broad electronic product needs today announced the availability of AeroWave™. AeroWave™ is a high reliability, cost-effective material system targeted towards auto radar (24GHz.), base station transceivers, power amplifiers, telemetry devices and antenna systems.

AeroWave™ is a woven glass-reinforced thermoset UL-94 V0 material that exhibits excellent electrical and mechanical properties with a consistent and stable Dk (dielectric constant) and a low Df (dissipation factor) over a wide range of frequencies (1GHz to 35GHz) and temperatures (-40C°to +125C°).

Tarun Amla Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Shengyi Group, noted “The rapid development and deployment of RF/Microwave products mandates that there be a large number and variety of vendors that can provide superior materials systems to the market place in a cost-effective and timely manner. We believe that our new AeroWave™ technology readily addresses this need. With Shengyi’s vast experience as a laminate provider we can deliver cost-competitive; high reliability and production-ready laminates to address a broad spectrum of customer needs.”

Product Description and Availability

The AeroWave™ low-loss laminate material presents a strong value proposition for today’s design engineers where cost, performance and manufacturability are paramount. AeroWave materials can be fabricated using standard FR-4 printed circuitry fabrication processes, are well suited for use in hybrid multi-layer printed circuit configurations and are compatible for use in Lead Free assembly processes.

AeroWave™ low loss (0.0028 @ 10 GHz) controlled dielectric constant material (+/- 0.05) is available in a broad range of nominal cores and pre-preg.  In addition, this new material exhibits exceptional dimensional stability, chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and copper peel strength. Passive Inter-modulation (PIM) performance values exceeding -160 dBc are typical (RTF and VLP type copper foils). AeroWave™ laminate is available now as AeroWave™ -300, AeroWave™-338, AeroWave™ -350.

About Shengyi Technology, Co.

Based in Dongguan since 1985, Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (SYTECH) is a world leader in the development and production of laminates. The company maintains a high commitment to on-going R&D efforts and provides a complete portfolio of products ranging from composites to high reliability, thermal management, HSD and RF/PTFE laminate materials. Shengyi maintains a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dongguan where it manufactures FR­4, CEM­1, CEM­3 and Prepreg. In addition, the company maintains laminate and prepreg manufacturing operations in Suzhou, Shaanxi  and Changshu. Shengyi’s products are used in single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards and the company’s global customer base spans a broad spectrum of markets including mobile phones, automotive, telecommunication equipment, computers and higher­-level electrical products. In  2016, Shengyi  expanded its operations presence through the establishment of a dedicated U.S. team comprised of widely-known, highly-regarded laminate industry experts.

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