Shengyi Technology Gets UL Status on S7338/S7335

 Shengyi Granted 150ºC Electrical & 130ºC Mechanical MOT

San Jose, CA., January 11, 2017  —Shengyi Technology (SYTECH) a world leader in developing and delivering new laminate materials that meet today’s broad electronic product needs, today announced the successful completion of UL testing on S7338 (Synamic 6) and S7335 (Synamic 6N).  The excellent Relative Thermal Index (RTI) ratings achieved should enable these products to be used in applications that cannot be achieved with some of the other competitive materials in this space.

Specifically, S7338 and S7335 have been granted a 150°C mechanical rating and a 130°C electrical rating for 0.8 and 1.5mm minimum PCB build up thicknesses. This means that these products can perform reliably below these temperatures for 100,000 hours. The table below shows a summary of the UL file for these products.

Build up R.T.I H
Mtl Dsg ANSI Type Color Min Thk (mm) Flame Class Elec (°C) Mech (°C) H W I H A I V T R C T I Meets 746E Non-HAL Meets 746E DSR
S7338 No ANSI NC 0.8 V-0 150 130 0 0 Yes
1.5 V-0 150 130 0 0 Yes


S7338 and S7335 laminates and prepregs exhibit exceptional electrical properties. S7338 uses standard E-Glass and has a Dk and Df of 3.50 and 0.0046 at 10 GHz respectively using the IPC stripline test method. S7335 uses low Dk glass and has a Dk and Df of 3.30 and 0.0025 respectively at 10 GHz using the same test method. This makes both products suitable for next-generation designs that require backplanes and daughter cards to run at data rates above 25 Gbs. Both products are provided using 2um Rz roughness copper.

S7338 and S7335 have a very large offering of laminates and prepregs. Both products process similar to competitive High Speed Digital offerings but are more compatible with hybrid builds.  Both can also be used in high layer count PCBs that have 0.8mm pitch and multiple 2 oz. copper layers.

Tarun Amla, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Shengyi, stated,  “S7338 and S7335 are unique ultrahigh-speed materials and have demonstrated excellent results on several test vehicles including CAF. CAF (Conductive Anodic Filament) resistance has been the Achilles’ heel of competitive materials in this space and has led to a number of product iterations to pass CAF requirements.  S7338 and S7335 (lower Dk version) have shown best in class dielectric and thermal properties on test vehicles in addition to robust CAF performance and therefore offer the industry a reliable material for their next -generation platforms.”

Fred Hickman, VP of NA High-Speed Digital Products at Shengyi, added, “Getting UL on these products is critical to our goals of growing our market share here in North America. It provides our customers and OEMs added confidence that these products will meet their end-product safety and reliability concerns. We now have two more HSD products that can be used for feature rich applications that need line cards and backplanes for 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) solutions and need data rates exceeding 25 Gbs”.

About Shengyi Technology, Co.

Based in Dongguan since 1985, Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (SYTECH) is a world leader in the development and production of laminates. The company maintains a high commitment to on-going R&D efforts and provides a complete portfolio of products ranging from composites to high reliability, thermal management, HSD and RF/PTFE laminate materials. Shengyi maintains a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dongguan where it manufactures FR­4, CEM­1, CEM­3 and Prepreg. In addition, the company maintains laminate and prepreg manufacturing operations in Suzhou, Shaanxi and Changshu. Shengyi’s products are used in single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards and the company’s global customer base spans a broad spectrum of markets including mobile phones, automotive, telecommunication equipment, computers and higher­-level electrical products. In 2016, Shengyi expanded its operations presence through the establishment of a dedicated U.S. team comprised of widely-known, highly-regarded laminate industry experts.

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