Shengyi Technology Company Ltd. is pleased to announce that their FR-4 product, S1190M, has been listed by UL with an electrical and mechanical Relative Thermal Index (RTI) of 150 degrees C.  Recently UL changed the definition of FR-4 to allow already listed FR-4.0 and FR-4.1 to be used in PWBs operating up to 150 degrees C if the Long Term Thermal Aging (LTTA) data passed the electrical and mechanical requirements.  

Shengyi was the first base material supplier worldwide to have a FR-4 product listed with an electrical and mechanical Relative Thermal Index (RTI) of 150 degrees C.  That product, S1170G, is a halogen-free epoxy system with a Tg of 180 and a Td of 390 degrees C designed for lead-free processing.  S1190M is the first brominated product to be listed as FR-15.0 with a Tg and Td of 190 degrees C and 355 degrees C respectively. Both products exhibit excellent CAF resistance which allows them to be used for communication, computer, and automotive applications 

S1190M products are listed in Shengyi’s UL File # E109769 as an ANSI Grade FR-15.0.  FR-15.0 indicates that it is a brominated FR-4 product with an RTI of 150 degrees C.

Board designers can feel more comfortable knowing that S1190M can be used at higher temperatures than for traditional FR-4s. Other current FR-4 products will also be listed as FR-15 in the Shengyi UL? file as customer requirements dictate.

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